Why is Watch Dogs still the most inventive take on the GTA formula?


  • Innovative concept: Watch Dogs features a unique hacking mechanic that adds an extra dimension to the gameplay.
  • Personalization: The game allows players to customize their equipment and plan their attacks for a more personalized experience.
  • Interactive environment: The city of Chicago in Watch Dogs reacts to the player’s actions, providing an immersive level of realism.
  • Intriguing scenario: The Watch Dogs story is full of twists and mysteries, captivating players from the start.
  • Impressive graphics: The visual effects and graphic quality of Watch Dogs guarantee a high-level visual experience.

Since its first release in 2014, Watch Dogs has established itself as an innovative alternative to the classic formula of the Grand Theft Auto series. With its hacking concept and original gameplay mechanics, the game offers a unique and refreshing experience to players looking for action and freedom in an open world. But what elements make Watch Dogs the most inventive version of this well-known open-world gaming formula?

A new vision of the open world

Series Watch Dogs, developed by Ubisoft, brought a breath of fresh air to the GTA formula traditional. By immersing us in a world where technology and hacking are at the heart of the experience, it redefines interaction with the environment like never before.

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Innovative game mechanics

Unlike other games that simply add elements to the classic GTA formula, Watch Dogs allows you to manipulate the world through gameplay mechanics. piracy. You can control traffic lights to create accidents, disable security cameras, and much more.

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A unique technological immersion

The first Watch Dogs introduced Aiden Pearce, a hacker capable of manipulating a centralized city system called CTOS. This brings a new strategic and immersive dimension, transforming each mission into a complex puzzle that you can solve in multiple ways.

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A diversity of gameplay

Thanks to this distinctive approach, each mission in Watch Dogs can be approached in different ways: from stealth hacking to frontal attack to clever use of scenery elements. The game offers a freedom of choice rarely seen in other GTA clones.

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Enhanced interaction and multiplayer

Watch Dogs 2 further improved this formula by introducing multiplayer elements naturally integrated into the single-player campaign. Online player help and hack invasions add an extra layer of immersion and dynamism to the game.

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A living and interconnected world

Instead of being simple settings, the cities in Watch Dogs are living spaces where every element can be exploited through hacking. This interconnectivity gives the feeling of truly controlling and influencing the game world.

Comparison table between Watch Dogs and GTA

Appearance Watch Dogs GTA
Game mechanics Hacking and manipulation Direct action
Immersion Technological Criminal
Interaction with the environment High thanks to CTOS Average
Game Options Multitude of choices Less diverse
Multiplayer Integrated into the campaign Separated (GTA Online)


Q: What is the main innovation of Watch Dogs compared to GTA?
A: Watch Dogs introduces hacking as the primary means of interacting with the environment.

Q: Can Watch Dogs be considered a simple GTA clone?
A: No, Watch Dogs offers a unique gaming experience with its own hacking mechanics.

Q: How does Watch Dogs 2’s multiplayer stand out?
A: Multiplayer is integrated into the campaign, allowing for more natural immersion.

Q: Why is Watch Dogs still considered innovative?
A: Its unique approach to hacking and deep interaction with the world makes it a distinctive experience.

Q: Are the towns in Watch Dogs more interactive than those in GTA?
A: Yes, thanks to hacking systems, Watch Dogs cities offer unprecedented interactivity.

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