GTA 5: Exciting ‘Kick Ass’ story content canceled due to GTA Online’s success?


  • Title: GTA 5: Exciting ‘Kick Ass’ story content canceled due to GTA Online’s success?
  • Description: This article looks at the cancellation of ‘Kick Ass’ story content in GTA 5 due to the success of GTA Online.
  • Keywords: GTA 5, history, Kick Ass, cancellation, achievements, GTA Online.

GTA 5 was praised for its gripping story and “Kick Ass” content, however, some rumors suggest that the unprecedented success of GTA Online led Rockstar Games to cancel promising content for the game’s single-player mode. disappointed many fans who were looking forward to new adventures in the exciting universe of Grand Theft Auto.

A look back at the cancellation of GTA 5’s DLC story

Advertised as a real gangster game upon its release in 2013, GTA 5 was to offer its fans exciting additional content. But why did this long-awaited standalone DLC never see the light of day?

The GTA Online phenomenon

GTA Online quickly emerged as a real cash machine for Rockstar. Its dazzling success redefined the company’s priorities, relegating the development of single-player DLC to the background.

Joe Robino’s revelations

Joe Robino, former developer at Rockstar, recently revealed to YouTube channel SanInPlay that the team had been working on a standalone DLC for GTA 5. Unfortunately, this project, which promised to be “kick ass”, was canceled.

Steven Ogg and the aborted project

Steven Ogg, the actor behind Trevor Philips, also shared that the DLC would have seen Trevor working undercover for the government. Some sequences had even been shot before the project was shelved.

Rockstar’s business decision

The choice to abandon the single-player DLC to focus on GTA Online was above all strategic. The popularity of GTA Online and its earnings made it difficult to justify further investment in single-player content.

The crunch and redirection of teams

The cancellation of the DLC was also accompanied by a reorganization of the teams towards Red Dead Redemption 2. According to Robino, this period was marked by intensive work, sometimes 365 days a year.

Comparison of projects

Project State
GTA 5 Singleplayer DLC Canceled
GTA Online In progress
Red Dead Redemption 2 Finished
GTA 6 In development

List of main consequences

  • Cancellation of single-player DLC
  • Reallocation of teams to GTA Online
  • Profit-centered decision
  • Creation of exclusive content for GTA Online
  • Intensive development of Red Dead Redemption 2


Q: Why was GTA 5 single player DLC cancelled?

A: Due to the dazzling success of GTA Online, considered a cash machine.

Q: What was the main idea of ​​the single-player DLC?

A: The DLC would have seen Trevor Philips working undercover for the government.

Q: What happened to the team members in the single-player DLC?

A: They were reassigned to other projects like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Q: Is Rockstar planning DLC ​​for GTA 6?

A: The question remains open, but fans hope so.

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