How to Get All CS in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Comment  Obtenir toutes les CS dans Pokémon Rouge Feu et Vert Feuille

After the 2 swimmers were chased into a multiplayer fight at Poni Reef.

How to get surfing?

Comment obtenir surf ?
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To get this secret technique, you will first need to go to Parmania. Enter the Go Park located north of the city and go west of the area to find a surfer (picture7). Discuss with this character so that he teaches your Pokémon Starter TS Navigation (picture8).

Parc Safari / Maison du “Ramoloss”, park warden (nice, as a nickname?!): Take the “Dent d’Or” in the park first, shortly before the hut with the CS Surf.

CT 12 – Sun Blade TC 13 – Flame Dance TC 14 – Lightning Cage
Purchased from the Winscor Pokémon Center. Price: 50,000 Pokédollars Purchased from the Pokemon Center in Kickenham. Prize: 10,000 Pokédollars Available as a reward for Moti-Rally in the Wilderness
Number CS Name Location
01 chopped like ocean
02 Flight Route 16
03 Surf safari park
04 Strength Parmania
# Pokédex 54
Pokemon Psyduck
Type 1 The water
Location Routes 4, 5, 6, 17, 24, 25 & amp; Azure Grotto
Pokemon Number of Matching Attacks
Charizard 122
Snorlax 122
Togekiss 122
dragonite 119

Where to find Pokemon Sword Shadow Ball CT?. You can get the DT33 Shadow Ball from the Ancient Cornish Graveyard.

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How to get the Flash CT in Pokémon Red?

Comment avoir la CT Flash dans Pokémon Rouge ?
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When you are done, you will return to the right side of road 02 (see map) at the start of the game. Go down until you find yourself in a large house, an assistant will be waiting for you. He will give you the Flash CS05 if you have at least 10 trapped Pokémon in your pokédex.

Open your bag in the Rare Items section. Select CS02 and select Flight from the list. Select Use from the menu. Teach one of your Pokémon to fly.

Go to the Celadopolis. CS Vol is located on Route 16, west of Celadopolis. Once in Celadopole, go back. Go to Route 16 which is at the exit of the city, go up and use Corn to cut down the tree which is in your way.

flash of learning pokemon shapes

  • Abra.
  • Absolute.
  • Aeromite.
  • Armure.
  • Akwakwak.
  • Alakazam.
  • Amagara.
  • Apirein.
symbol Earn
Grasshopper 15 signs
Ptitard 15 signs
Molecatcher 15 signs
cherry 8 signs

Where is the CT cup?. Casino prize: 7,700 chips. As you can see, only “unlimited” TCs available in the Celadopole Mall or prizes are sold at the Rocket Casino in this city.

066 Machop No. 29 067 Chewer
127 Beetle No. 36 749 Tiboudet
759 Teddies No. 20 760 Chelours
879 Pachyrajah No. 37

Where is the CS surf in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Où se trouve la CS surf dans Pokemon Vert Feuille ?
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Return to Parmania, go to the house to the right of the Pokémon Center, an old man will want his gold tooth, give it to him, he will give you Force CS04. This CS moves a few rocks like the one to the right of the man, it’s also a good normal attack.

TC/CS Surname Pitches)
CT02 dragonclaw Victory Road
CT03 Vibraqua Granted by Azuria Arena Champion
CT04 Total Gift of Safrania Arena Champion
CT05 To yell Mount Selenite Exit, Celadopole Mall
Number CS Name Location
02 Flight Route 16
03 Surf safari park
04 Strength Parmania
05 Glow Route 2
TC/CS Surname Pitches)
CS03 Surf Clémenti-Ville (given by Timmy’s father)
CS04 Strength Mérazon Tunnel
CS05 Glow Granite cave (given by a climber at the entrance)
CS06 Shard-Rock lavender

Where is Island 4 in Pokémon FireRed?. Go to Island 4 using the normal ferry. Barely reached this island, Régis arrives and tells you that he had a Pokémon egg. He will then leave you, go for a walk in the city. You get the Pokemon Pension, it allows you to breed Pokemon with each other.

Can Goelise learn to surf?. He can learn to surf and fly.

Where is the Pokeflute in Pokémon FireRed?

Où se trouve la Pokeflute dans Pokémon Rouge Feu ?
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Giovanni gives the item to the player when chased into the final basement of Casino Celadopole.

All you have to do is go to Carmin-sur-mer, and wake up that loud noise. To do this, stand in front of the large pile of bedding, and set the radio to “Pokéflute”. Then talk to Snorlax, who wakes you up and attacks you. He is at level 50.

In Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow and their replacements, the player cannot identify or capture the Tower Ghosts until they find Sylph’s Scope. As long as the object is missing, ghosts are considered a flying shadow.

The three Team Rocket coaches met and then talked to the old man in the back. Then you end up in Mr. Fuji’s house, he will give you the PokéFlute. This item wakes up a sleeping Pokémon. You can now wake up Snorlax and catch it.

Where is the magnetic card in a red light?. Go to the teleporter accessible at the bottom of the floor and reuse it to return to where you were. You will therefore have access to the Magn Card.

How to wake Snorlax in Pokémon Gold?. This Pokémon can be found in front of Taupiqueur’s Cave. To wake him up, activate the Pokéflute radio frequency and interact with Snorlax. As a reminder, you’ll pick up a Kanto radio after talking to the man in the radio tower in Lavanville, as soon as you fix the power plant issue.

Where is the surf in Red Pokémon Fire?. Surf. Meet at Parmania Safari Park. Once in the Safari Park, go to area 4 and enter the house to get your prize: Secret Capsule 3, which contains Surf. The Surf technique allows you to “surf” on the back of a Water-Type Pokémon and thus travel across a body of water.

How to switch to Lavanville red version?. Consult the maps to find the route, follow the ladders in the correct alphabetical order: A, B, C and D. Once the exit is found, you will reach route 10. You are now at the lower part of route 10. Go low and hit the opponents, you will reach Lavanville.

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