Why the story DLC

Title : Story DLC
Objective : Delve deeper into the game’s main plot
Content : New missions, characters and twists
Interest : Providing an extended experience for players

Downloadable content (DLC) has long been a common practice in the video game industry, providing players with the opportunity to extend their gaming experience. However, a question often arises: why is story DLC divisive? Are there both players and critics?

Hi everyone, it’s Julie, your favorite tech journalist! Today, let’s talk about a burning question in the world of video games: why have we never seen story DLC for GTA 5?

The Huge Success of GTA Online

After the release of GTA 5, the success of GTA Online took everyone by surprise, even the developers at Rockstar! The growing popularity of online mode caused the team to focus their efforts on online updates rather than downloadable content for the single-player story. In short, all this craze has “devoured” the time and resources that could have been allocated to DLC for the story.

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Changes in Internal Priorities

In order to fully understand this decision, it’s essential to look behind the scenes at Rockstar Games. After the release of GTA 5, a large part of the team was redirected to Red Dead Redemption 2, leaving a smaller group to work on GTA 5’s story DLC. This reassignment of personnel greatly disrupted the ability to develop meaningful single-player content.

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Reuse of Content

Additionally, some of the initial ideas for the Story DLC ended up being reused for GTA Online updates. For example, missions and characters intended for solo play have been incorporated into the online mode, to the delight of online players.

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Comparison: Story DLC vs. Online Content

Here’s a quick comparison to understand the differences between developing story DLC and online content:

Appearance Story DLC Online Content
Player Engagement Less continuous Long-term commitment
Necessary Resources Significant human resources Server resources
Backwards compatibility Easy to put in place Requires more maintenance
Income One-off sales Continuous micro-transactions

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DLC Alternatives in 2023

Nowadays, several games are reintroducing the tradition of story DLC, with expansions like those of Cyberpunk 2077 or Elden Ring. These expansions allow for deeper immersion and add new life to single-player stories.

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Lessons to Learn

Ultimately, the story of not creating story DLC for GTA 5 reminds us that video games are constantly evolving based on market trends and player behaviors. Studios must adapt and make sometimes difficult but strategic decisions.


Q: Why didn’t GTA 5 have story DLC?
A: GTA 5 did not have story DLC mainly because of the immense success of GTA Online, which monopolized the resources and efforts of the developers.
Q: Have any elements of the story DLC been integrated into GTA Online?
A: Yes, some ideas and missions planned for the story DLC were reused for GTA Online updates.
Q: What are Rockstar developers doing after GTA 5?
A: Many of Rockstar’s developers were redirected to Red Dead Redemption 2, which also contributed to the lack of story DLC for GTA 5.
Q: Could Rockstar still release story DLC for GTA 5?
A: It is very unlikely that Rockstar will release story DLC for GTA 5 now, given the time that has passed and the focus on other projects.
Q: Which current games offer good story DLC?
A: Games like Cyberpunk 2077 with its Phantom Liberty expansion and Elden Ring with Shadow of the Erdtree are recent examples of successful story DLC.

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