GTA 6 with Bitcoin in the moon: What is Moonray and how to make money on Telegram?


  • GTA 6 : Find out how Bitcoin and the moon are included in this new opus.
  • Moonray : Learn how to use this platform to earn money through Telegram.
  • How to make money on Telegram : Tips and strategies to maximize your income.

GTA 6 with Bitcoin in the moon: What is Moonray and how to make money on Telegram?
The world of video games and cryptocurrency intertwine in the intriguing universe of GTA 6, where a new adventure called Moonray promises earning opportunities via the Telegram messaging platform. Let’s find out together what this innovative concept hides and how you could benefit from it.

GTA 6 with Bitcoin in the moon

The rumors around GTA 6 never ends. The latest claims that the long-awaited game could integrate payments in Bitcoin. Word started spreading after a pseudonymous influencer on Crypto Twitter, AltcoinGordon, shared the news with his 500,000 followers. According to him, “GTA 6 will allow cryptocurrency payments”, confirming the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. However, these claims remain unconfirmed by developers Rockstar Games, making this information speculative at the moment.

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What is Moonray?

Moonray is a sci-fi themed arena combat game that is making waves in the crypto gaming world. As a newcomer to the gaming scene, Moonray stands out with its play-to-airdrop campaign, where players can earn native tokens by finishing in the top 50% of five games.

The game recently appeared on the Epic Games Store, gaining visibility from its 75 million active monthly users. Moonray isn’t the only one using this strategy; titles like Blood Loop And Nyan Heroes also opted for similar campaigns when they launched on the Epic Games Store.

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How to make money on Telegram?

Telegram, the popular messaging app, recently introduced a “mini app bar” feature that allows users to quickly switch between different thumbnail apps without leaving the main screen. This update has a significant impact on the phenomenon of crypto games on the platform, particularly “tap-to-earn” games like Notcoin And Hamster Kombat, which are experiencing a massive influx of players.

The added features allow Telegram users to enjoy a smooth gaming experience while participating in lucrative activities. For example, users can now easily combine chat rooms and games, thereby maximizing their token earnings.

Main Features GTA 6 Moonray Telegram
Platform PlayStation, Xbox Epic Games Store Mobile
Mode of payment Cryptocurrencies (Rumors) Native Tokens Tokens across games
Confirmation Level Not-confirmed Already in progress Already in progress
Types of Games Action/Adventure Arena combat Tap-to-earn
Number of users N / A 75 million potential players (Epic Games Store) 236 million users for Hamster Kombat
  • GTA 6: Crypto Payments Potential use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT
  • Moonray: Play-to-Airdrop Win by finishing in the top 50%
  • Telegram: Tap-to-Earn Users switch between chat rooms and games

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Q: Will GTA 6 actually use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

A: At the moment, there is no official confirmation from Rockstar Games regarding the integration of cryptocurrencies in GTA 6.

Q: How can I earn tokens with Moonray?

A: By participating in Moonray’s play-to-airdrop campaign and finishing in the top 50% of five games played.

Q: What is the Telegram mini app bar?

A: It is a new feature that allows users to quickly switch between different mini apps without leaving the main screen.

Q: What are the popular tap-to-earn games on Telegram?

A: Notcoin and Hamster Kombat are among the most popular.

Q: How does the mini app bar impact the gaming experience on Telegram?

A: It makes it easy to combine chats and games, thus improving fluidity and potential winnings.

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