Respawn is working on building a new franchise ‘from the ground up’

Respawn travaille à la construction d'une nouvelle franchise `` à partir de zéro ''

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As you can see from Zampella’s tweet above, the new project is in early development and while the tweet is about hiring, it also doubles as news that Respawn is working on a brand new IP. That means it’s not Titanfall 3, something fans have wanted for years, as you can see from the tweet replies to Zampella’s tweet, and it’s not a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen. Order in 2019.

The job review advertised on Respawn’s website reveals that the small team is looking for someone to “pioneer new ways to enable ‘adventure until the heat death of the universe'”, and someone who can make gameplay enjoyable. The advertised position is for a coder, so the article doesn’t reveal much else about what this project might be. Until we hear more about what this new IP might be, check out our thoughts on Respawn’s latest game releasing in IGN’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review Check out our thoughts on Respawn’s battle royale in IGN’s Apex Legends 2021 review post that, then read about Valkyrie, the latest hero to join the Apex Legends roster.

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