The best way to finish gta san andreas at 100

La meilleure maniere de finir gta san andreas a 100

Its headquarters are located in downtown San Fierro downtown.

What is the name of the main character in GTA San Andreas?

Comment s'appelle le personnage principal de GTA San Andreas ?

Main characters. Carl “CJ” Johnson: He is the hero of the game and Sweet brother, Kendl and Brian. Also known as CJ, he left Liberty City to attend his mother’s funeral in San Andreas.

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How to pass a mission in GTA San Andreas?

Comment passer une mission dans GTA San Andreas ?

The player installs the plugin, executes the task, press Shift M – and you can continue. This method is ideal for those who want to see what is the latest mission in GTA San Andreas.

How to get liked in GTA San Andreas? Quickly Increase Your Appreciation Mix – Grand Theft Auto: Walk Through San Andreas Full Guide, Tips, Codes. Eliminate as many cops as possible to maximize your appreciation. If you want to do it without dying, enter the invincibility code BAGUVIX.

How to get to the airport in GTA San Andreas?

How to get a girl in GTA San Andreas? To find your soul mate, you will need a great look: good haircuts, good clothes, etc. To find out if you like girls, take a look at the sexual attractiveness measure. Note that there may be several girls, for those who have the time and the money!

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How does GTA San Andreas end?

Comment se termine GTA San Andreas ?

Carl Johnson escapes Smoke’s split palace on the mission in GTA San Andreas.

  • For completing this mission, the player receives the sum of $250,000 and sees his level of aggravation.
  • The end credits of the game are unlocked.

How to play multiplayer in GTA San Andreas? Make sure you have a legal copy of San Andreas installed. SA-MP is a “mod” (short for “modification”), the program that allows you to play multiplayer in San Andreas. This means that you must have San Andreas installed on your computer for the mod to work.

How to remove GTA San Andreas Stars?

How to reduce search stars From 1 to 3 police search stars, you can hide in a quiet corner, unguarded, and especially without police, and wait a few minutes. The search index will decrease on its own over time.

Where are the beacons in GTA San Andreas. Los Santos has all the beacons, so you can do this activity quickly, the problem is that their density is quite high, it is easy to miss some even with a map.

What is the code for GTA San Andreas.