Monster Hunter Rise – Free DLC Roadmap Update

Monster Hunter Rise - Mise à jour de la feuille de route du DLC gratuit

For a full breakdown of the April free title update schedule and roadmap, be sure to check out our full update guide below.

Please note that all information regarding the upcoming free title update is taken from the official Monster Hunter website, as well as the official launch trailer.

April Free Title Update Release Date

Date de sortie de la mise à jour gratuite du titre d'avril

The first title update (version 2.0) was released on April 28. Below you will find information about all the features and content included in the update.

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What’s Included in the Free Title Update (Version 2.0) in April

Ce qui est inclus dans la mise à jour gratuite du titre (version 2.0) en avril

The first title update (Ver. 2.0) features the return of Chameleos, along with the debut of Apex Rathalos and several other additional monsters.

Check out the full guide to everything added in the April Update – Patch Version 2.0 here.

That’s not all, the hunter rank cap has now been unlocked, along with several other related features including new upgrades for your palamutes and palicos, new armor and weapon trees, new quests, etc

Below is a list of all the new features included in the first title update.

Items added after increasing Hunter Rank limit:

For more details on these features as well as information on how to unlock all new content, head over to the April Update – Version 2.0 Patch page.

What can we expect in future updates? 3.0 and beyond

While little is known about Monster Hunter Rise’s future content, it has been revealed that the Version 3.0 update – which will be released in late May – will feature several new monsters, as well as an additional ending to the game. story of Monster Hunter Rise.

Besides the 3.0 update, you can expect Monster Hunter Rise to receive fairly regular updates over the next few months, which will mostly focus on fixing known bugs and issues in the main game.

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