How to get outfits in Call of Duty Mobile?

Comment avoir des tenue dans Call of Duty Mobile ?

To get the new free Epic Golden Mobile CoD skin, you need to attend an event. This skin for KN 44 is available in the “Seasonal” tab of the Events tab under “Steam Roller Rifle”.

How to unlock Ghost?

Comment débloquer Ghost ?
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Ghost. Ghost is unlocked by purchasing the Battle Pass for Season 2.

. To unlock the Ghost Operator Azrael skin in Modern Warfare, you need to purchase the Ghost Grim Reaper Bundle from the store for 2,400 COD Points, which equals $19.99 USD.

How to earn characters on Call of Duty Mobile?

Comment gagner des personnages sur Call of Duty Mobile ?
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To get free characters, we also recommend that you participate very regularly in ranked games, available from level 10. In fact, each time you rank in the ranked games of CoD Mobile, you will receive a reward. This reward can be a character!

How to get Traitor’s Medal in Call of Duty Mobile? In COD: Mobile, the Bloodthirsty Medal can be earned by killing five (5) enemies without dying. Since it falls under the multiplayer section, players can obtain it by completing this objective in multiplayer mode only.

How can I unlock skins in Call of Duty Mobile? You can unlock free skins by earning rewards when you participate in an event or watch competitive streams! Tip: To access CoD mobile streaming, simply tap the button at the top of the screen on the homepage.

How to buy skins on Call of Duty Mobile? Just go to the COD Mobile store and choose the skin you want to buy. In the shop section, you can also buy skins for other items like parachute, helicopter, ORV, etc.

How to 1v1 on Call of Duty Mobile?

Comment faire un 1v1 sur Call of Duty Mobile ?
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Go to the multiplayer lobby and find another friend online. When you know you’re both ready, click the three-dash menu icon in the top right of the multiplayer screen to bring up the drop-down menu, then click private. This will take you to a private match screen.

How to play two on Call of Duty Mobile? How to add friends

  • Start CoD: Mobile and load the main menu.
  • Select the Friends icon located at the top right of the screen.
  • You will be directed to a tab where you will find the “Add Friends” option. “
  • Enter your friend’s username and click the search button.

How to put bots on Call of Duty? Select the Bot Configuration tab Once a lobby has started, you can customize the bots in the Bot Configuration tab of the Game Configuration menu. Here you can also change the map, game mode and game rules.

How to get the Ghost skin in Warzone?

Comment avoir le skin Ghost dans Warzone ?
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How to Get the Ghost Azrael Skin To unlock the Ghost Azrael Operator Skin in Modern Warfare, you need to purchase the Ghost Grim Reaper Bundle from the store for 2400 COD Points, which equals $19.99 USD.

How to get the Warzone skin? How to get Kitsune’s Kyubi skin in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. Players who purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass before August 31, 2021 will automatically unlock this legendary skin for Operator Kitsune.

How to get the Ghost skin on COD mobile? It is also possible to earn CoD mobile skins through the Warzone mode, simply by completing the tutorial. You’ll earn Warzone Tokens to unlock skins, including Ghost and Price.

How to unlock Price?

Comment débloquer Price ?
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Captain Price is the new Celebrity Operator available in Call of Duty Warzone for the Season 4 release. You can unlock him for the Coalition on the SAS side by purchasing the Season 4 Battle Pass for 1000 COD Points, which costs 9.99 $ in-game store.

How to unlock Price Modern Warfare? All players who purchase a version of Black Ops Cold War at the start of Season 3 will receive the “Price ’84” Operator for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Additionally, those who already have Black Ops Cold War will automatically receive it at the start of Season 3.

How to unlock Lerch? Lerch is unlocked by purchasing Season 5 Battle Pass.

How to unlock Warzone Operators? After reaching level 100 and earning the Season 4 Battle Pass reward, Operator Jackal will have a series of Operator missions to complete. By completing these unique challenges, you will be able to unlock unique variants and a few additional items.

How to unlock Warzone skins?

As part of the new Season 4 Battle Pass, acquiring Operator Jackal is extremely simple. All you need to do is claim Battle Pass Tier 0 rewards to instantly unlock the standard version of Jackal.

How to unlock Warzone Skin? Despite its iconic status in the franchise, the release of the Soap skin has not been officially announced by Activision and the content is easy to miss. To get it, you need to buy it from the Warzone web store for 2,400 COD Points.

How to unlock Call of Duty Warzone? How to unlock EM2 in Warzone and Cold War Season 5 You will need to reach level 15 to unlock the new EM2 Assault Rifle. If you want to get the weapon faster, you can always purchase the bundle which will instantly unlock 25 Battle Pass Tiers.

How to get Call of Duty Mobile Traitor Medal?

Medals Bloodthirstreak Killstreak – “Kill five enemies without dying. Brutal – Kill 25 enemies without dying. Collateral – Kill multiple enemies with one hit. Go Back – Kill an enemy after being killed three or more times without killing.

How to get the Brutal Medal in Call of Duty Mobile? Unlocking it can be tricky, but with patience and determination, any player can get it. Players need to get 25 kills without dying in a multiplayer match to unlock a brutal medal, which can be tricky.

How to get Traitor’s Medal in Call of Duty Mobile? Trying to kill multiple enemies at once using grenades or rocket launchers might seem like the best tactic, but for this challenge, you won’t earn a single medal using this method.

How to have a tank on Call of Duty Mobile?

How to Assemble a Tank in New COD Mobile Mode First of all, players need to choose Tank Battle mode from the options to start the game. Once the game is started, players need to find the vending machines in the game to collect the parts of the game. Char .

How to get the relentless medal in Call of Duty Mobile? Getting the Relentless Medal in COD Mobile is one of the hardest challenges. Players will need to get 20 consecutive wins without dying to earn the Relentless Medal in COD Mobile.

How to win a float medal in BR?

Players can earn a floating medal after swimming in BR mode (excluding Warfare mode) for more than 500 meters. It’s an easy task, but a simple miscalculation can lead to failure.

How to earn the traitor’s medal? To acquire the Avenger Medal, you will need to kill an enemy who recently killed a teammate in multiplayer.

How to earn floating medal in Call of Duty Mobile? Float – Swim 500 meters (not in War Mode). Fuzz Buster – Destroy an enemy counter-UAV. Be Good – Win a game with a kill count between five and nine (excluding War Mode).

How to be a spectator on Call of Duty Mobile?

Spectator mode only works with in-game friends, so players can only watch their friends. Players must be friends with the other player on COD mobile in order to spectate them.

How to get Damascus camouflage?

It’s simple: you need to unlock the gold camo for all 39 base weapons in the game, excluding weapons added over the seasons.

Which Damascus weapon? If you already have camos on the ground, getting Damascus isn’t too difficult; you just need to unlock Platinum on each weapon. That means you need: Platinum Assault Rifles. Platinum machine guns.

How to unlock Damascus? How To Unlock Damascus Camouflage There is now an even higher level and of course you will have to hang in there to get it. You will need to get all the platinum camouflages to reach the last rank, the “Damascus”.

How to get all Warzone camos? And if you want to unlock the Scholar, you’ll need to get Platinum camos for every weapon that exists in Warzone or Modern Warfare. But then the scam will only begin. To unlock the final camouflage, the Obsidian, you will have to eliminate 15 enemies in one game, and this 200 times.

How to unlock Warzone weapon?

Unlocking the Nail Gun in Warzone To unlock the Nail Gun in Warzone, you will need to complete a challenge in Warzone or the Black Ops Cold War game. You will need to complete 5 special weapon kills (which we will see below) across 15 different completed bets.

How to unlock the new Warzone machine gun? If you don’t have Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you still have the chance to get this new weapon in Warzone by completing the following challenge: Get at least 2 quick kills with a Machine Gun in 15 different matches completed .

How to unlock ots9 Warzone? How to Unlock OT 9 in Warzone The cheapest and easiest way to unlock OT 9 is to complete the Warzone Challenge game. To do this, you need to get a double kill with an SMG in 15 different matches.