New Pokemon Snap website tours the Lental region ahead of launch

Le nouveau site Web Pokemon Snap fait le tour de la région Lental avant son lancement

When you arrive at the actual site, you will see an overview of the Lental region and you will see eight different icons on the map. By “visiting”, so to speak, the eight icons on the map, you will earn My Nintendo points. From left to right on the map above, these are Natural Park, Night, Desert, Jungle, ‘Item Usage’, Beach, ‘Photodex and Album’, and the day.

Be sure to click on each photo to watch a quick video showing how that photo was captured in-game. After checking each of the four photos, you can then take a photo or upload your own to the site. The site will then automatically apply a website exclusive frame based on that part of the map to your photo, at which point, you are free to save and share said photo on social media.

In the Night section of the map, you’ll encounter Pokémon doing unique “night” activities, such as a Lyrcanroc howling in the night. This is where you’ll likely discover the hidden trivia questions scattered around the site – we’ve been asked how many forms of Lycanroc are in the game here.

Each of the other named areas of the map like Nature Park, Desert, Jungle, Beach, and Daytime feature the same sort of setup: a quick video showcasing that part of the map, four photos showing what players can do expect. see there, and a button to grab the photo frame for that area.

Two of the icons on the map – “Using Items” and “Photodex & amp; Album» – led to the most informative pages of the site. The “Using Items” page had quick explanations of how items like Fluffruit, Illumina Orbs, and Melodies work in-game.

The “Photodex & Album” page explains the many in-game mechanics related specifically to your photo captures, such as the ability to edit them by adjusting blur, focus size, focal point, brightness, etc. . The videos here also show how players can add filters, stickers, and frames to each of their photos, as well as how photos are rated in-game based on pose, size, direction, placement, the presence of another Pokemon in the capture, and the background of the photo. You can check out all of this and more for yourself by heading to, which is now live. line. Be sure to check out this New Pokemon Snap preview trailer after that, then check out our list of all confirmed Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap.

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