how to keep stuff when you die minecraft

Comment garder son stuff quand on meurt minecraft

How to keep your inventory in Minecraft?

Comment faire pour garder son inventaire dans Minecraft ?

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How not to lose your Minecraft inventory?

How to enable commands in Minecraft?

First, click pause, then click Open on LAN. All you have to do is activate the controls by pressing the corresponding button, then open Open on Home Network. You now have access to the instructions. To disable controls again, exit the game and return to the game.

How to stop the rain in Minecraft?

How to get rid of the rain

  • You are satisfied with this constant rain in your game. …
  • Then, if you have written your order correctly, the following message will appear a few seconds after the rain has disappeared.
  • If you want to rain again, you have to type / rain.

How to stop the rain?

To dispel clouds and mist, you must:

  • catch fog particles using plants or nets;
  • evaporate them by heating them or by mixing them with the dry air that surrounds them;
  • make them faster by using the methods provided for precipitation.

How to remove the night in Minecraft?

To close the night cycle, you can use the following command: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false. Now we are talking about the “eternal day” (or eternal day). In contrast, the command /gamerule doDaylightCycle true (re)enables the circuit.

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