How do I apply to authorize a PS5 game?

How to make a communication request on PS5?

Simply go to the settings (the little toothed wheel at the top right of the home screen), then point to Users and accounts > Connection settings > Request a PS5 connection code.

How do I accept the PS5 terms of service?

Tap View User Agreement, then select a language. After reading the user agreement, tap Back, then tap I accept.

How to remove age restrictions on PS5?

– Log in to Account Management, then Family Management. – Next, select the child account for which you want to set restrictions and select Edit to adjust the function.

How to remove restricted communication features on PS5?

Go to the settings, then on the left of the screen, to access “Privacy and online security”. Select “Personalize”. If one of these accounts is restricted in any way: – Try disconnecting that account or changing its restrictions in Settings.