Explore Grand Theft Auto 3 and Immerse yourself in the World of Criminals!

Explorer la Ville de Grand Theft Auto 3 et Découvrir le Monde Criminel!

Grand Theft Auto 3was a hit with video game reviewers upon its release in 2001. Revolutionizing the original series,Grand Theft Auto 3was the first game to take place in a huge, interactive city. It was full of secrets and surprises, which made it particularly attractive for players. But the exceptional altitude of this game comes just as much from its realization of a vibrant and interesting criminal world. To explore the city and discover the criminal underworld, follow the steps below.

Acquire weapons

Acquérir des armes

An essential aspect ofGrand Theft Auto 3is the ability for the player to access a variety of weapons. Weapons are necessary to explore the city and evolve in the criminal world. They are different weapons available ranging from light weapons to heavy weapons, and the player needs to purchase nine different weapons to get rich atGrand Theft Auto 3. All guns available are sold by Ammu-Nation, a chain of hunting and shooting stores in theCity of Grand Theft Auto 3. Finally, once the player has enough objectives and money, they can purchase their own weapons and ammo.

Ceci pourrait vous intéresser

Identify prohibited areas

The developers ofGrand Theft Auto 3went to great lengths to limit certain areas of theCity of Grand Theft Auto 3so that the player can experience the criminal world. For example, in the east-river, there are several prohibited areas, as well as places where the laws do not apply. The development teams created these areas to make the game more enjoyable, but also to provide a realistic view of the criminal world. These prohibited areas are very well done, as if they were an integral part of theCity of Grand Theft Auto 3.

Explore the city

Explorer la ville

Once the player has acquired his weapons, he can explore the city to discover the criminal underworld. ThereCity of Grand Theft Auto 3is huge and full of secrets. Players can explore the different neighborhoods to find interesting activities. The main neighborhoods to explore are Little Italy, Downtown and Staunton Island. Neighborhoods contain a variety of activities, such as street racing, armed robbery, and drug dealing.

Participate in illegal activities

Participer à des activités illégales

Once the player has explored the city and spotted the forbidden areas, he can participate in illegal activities to discover the criminal world. Some activities are very simple, while others are complex. For example, armed robbery can be accomplished by jumping into a car and committing a minor crime, while drug trafficking is a much more complicated and risky action. In any case, these illegal activities are essential to discover the criminal world ofGrand Theft Auto 3

Work for the gangsters

The player must also complete missions for the gangsters. These missions are very varied and vary according to the gang. They can range from car thefts to the souls of corpses. Mobsters often hire players to perform very dangerous missions, and the player often has to make difficult decisions. However, the player can earn reputation and money if he successfully completes his missions.

Disable security tags

The last essential aspect to explore to discover the criminal world is the deactivation of security beacons. There are several security beacons across theCity of Grand Theft Auto 3and the player must disable them to participate in illegal activities without being discovered. Security beacons can be disabled using various items, and sometimes the player needs to take bold steps to disable them.


Evolve in the criminal world ofGrand Theft Auto 3is a complicated but rewarding task. Players must explore the city, acquire weapons, scout out no-go areas, engage in illegal activities, and work for gangsters. They must also disable security beacons to operate incognito in the criminal world.

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